Accidents happen. But a company without a safety policy is no accident it’s a mistake. Don’t make the mistake of putting your company at risk for non-compliance with regulations.

We consult with companies to help them develop safety policies to meet compliance with Regulatory Agencies, Vendors, Contractors, and Insurance Agencies. Our goal is to not only to help companies meet compliance, but to reduce accidents and maintain a safe workplace for your employees.

Scope of Services

  1. HSE Program Development & Implementation
  2. Safety Meeting Presentation
  3. Safety Audits & Investigations
  4. Training Matrix Development & Maintenance
  5. Substance Abuse Prevention Program Administration
  6. Safety Questionnaire Completion
  7. ISNetworld & PEC Maintenance
  8. Sampling & Monitoring Services-Additional cost for equipment may occur
  9. Behavior Based Safety Program (Development, Implementation & Analysis)
  10. Hazard Management Systems
  11. Expert Safety Opinions
  12. SEMS Compliance
  13. IWTP Administration